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Wedding Cakes from Artful Pastry

Remember your wedding cake forever

Your wedding cake is an important part of your wedding day. Traditionally the wedding cake brings good luck to newlyweds and their guests. Sharing the cake with your friends and family is sharing your happiness. The cake is also a thank you to your guests for being with you on your special day.

Artful Pastry will help you to create a wedding cake as a symbol of the bright new life of the bride and groom. When you share your cake with your guests you will create a memorable visual and taste experience.

We can create a huge range of designs and even invent new ones. Chocolate decoration is our speciality!

The wedding cake is the last thing on the menu of your wedding meal and creates the lasting impression of the meal. Artful Pastry will help you create a cake that you and your guests will remember forever.

All types of special wedding cake

We create traditional white wedding tiered cakes; croquembouche from France; kransekake (the cornucopia cake) from Scandinavia; Hochzeitstorte, from Germany and can create special cakes to meet your needs.

We make and decorate our cakes using only the best ingredients.

  • Cherry and Almond Cake

    This is a very light, moist cake which can be served alone or used the top tier. Cherries and almonds go together beautifully.
  • Chocolate Truffle Cake

    Despite its richness this cake is not overly sweet. Made with melted chocolate and is in a way similar to a chocolate brownie.
  • Supreme Lemon cake

    Fresh and lemony, deliciously moist. This cake can be layered with butter cream.
  • Traditional Rich Fruit Celebration cake

    Made with fresh fruits, this cake is moist and refreshing. This cake uses can be stored for six months at room temperature.
  • Queen Elizabeth Date Cake

    Often used as the wedding centerpiece. Dates to give it its unique and unforgettable taste.
  • Carrot cake

    Spicy cake made from fresh carrots, orange and lemon zest, walnuts and coconuts. Contains no dairy.
  • Lemon and Poppy Seed cake

    Combination of fresh lemon sponge and crunchy poppy seeds.
  • Butter Cake

    Traditional moist butter cake with the subtle taste of vanilla.
  • Raspberry Hazelnut Cake

    The sensational combination of hazelnuts and raspberries. For chocolate lovers, this cake can be layered with dark or white chocolate ganache.
  • Devil's Chocolate Cake

    As its name suggests, this is a seductive and tempting cake, made out of the best chocolate.
  • Coconut Cake

    Gentle moist sponge with the tropical aroma of coconut.
  • White chocolate mudcake

    This cake has a rich and creamy texture and melts in your mouth. Based on white chocolate.
  • Dark chocolate mudcake

    Rich and dark, this cake falls apart in your mouth and makes you ask for more.
  • Red velvet cake

    Sensational combination of dark chocolate and frozen berries. This cake is one of the best choices for romantic events.

Unique & memorable flavours from Artful Pastry


Banana Dark Chocolate German Caramel Chocolate Carrot Chocolate Carrot Luscious Lemon Marbel Red Velvet White Almond


Raspberry Lichee Framboise Pistachio Magnifique Russian Honeymoon Delight Chocolate Poppy Seed Hazelnut Delight (gluten-free) Champagne Strawberry Traditional Rich Fruit Celebration Cake Sour Cherry & Almond Orange Poppy Seed


Hi Yelena. I just wanted to stretch out mines as well as the brides appreciation for your work at such short notice. You did an amazing job with the cakes, we explained our vision and you created the cake to its best extend if not better. It was perfect and elegant as she wanted it. We got the best priced possible for an amazing job well done and not to mention the flavour, it was perfect and delicous, made from the heart. With time consuming and not being able to come in diff suited us and was able to do everything over the ph and just trust that all will be ok but instead it was beyond beautiful when i first saw it. We cant thank you enough for doing an amazing job at such a last min, taking that stress off us:) i will diff be using your services again in the near future and will diff recommend you to all my families and friends. Thank you so much again,

Susana and the Bride-Nancy!