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International Cakes

Cakes from all around the world

Lena, our senior pastry chef, is expert in international cake-making and chocolate decoration.
Lena has lived all over the world and still visits the world’s great cake shows to bring our customers the best of international patisserie. Her creations spark your imagination and answer your dreams.

If you are looking for a special cake from your country contact us to talk about how we can help you

  • Banana cake

    This is a quality banana cake made out of fresh bananas. It contains no oil and is considerably lighter
    than banana bread.

    Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • Caramel cheesecake

    This baked cheesecake has a rich caramel flavor. It is Very light and gentle.
    Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • Cherry chocolate cheesecake

    Baked cheesecake with white chocolate and dried sour cherries. Exquisite taste.
    Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • Chocolate carrot cake

    The chocolate carrot cake gives you the best of both worlds - rich and healty. Considerably lighter than traditional carrot cake.
    Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • Chocolate Litchi Framboise

    This is a sensational combination of best quality chocolate, raspberry, litchi and coconut.
    An assault on your taste buds.

    Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • Chocolate mousse cake

    A light chocolate sponge filled with the gentle chocolate mousse and covered with chocolate glaze.
    Delicate and tasty.

    Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • Chocolate poppy seed cake

    An unique of poppy seed cake for chocolate lovers. A magic combination!
    Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • Chocolate praline cake

    Fluffy chocolate sponge layered with Nutella praline cream.Iindulgence
    Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • Chocolate raspberry mousse cake

    Layers of sponge interlaced with raspberry and chocolate mousse. Glazed with chocolate and decorated
    with flowers made of biscuits. Great cake for any occasion.

    Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • Citron cheesecake

    Cheesecake made with lemon curd.
    Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • Classic carrot cake

    This classic is delightful moist and soft. Made only of fresh carrots.
    Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • Double chocolate mousse cake

    Rich chocolate mousse glazed with smooth chocolate ganache. You can't get enough of it.
    Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • Fruit cake

    Our "fruit cake" is a fruit flan, an elegant French dessert. A shell of tender biscuit pastry filled with creamy custard and
    topped with fresh seasonal fruit.

    Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • Fruit summer cake

    This cake captures the essence of summer. Baked cake filled with berries and fruits. Ideal for high tea.
    Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • Hazelnut cake

    One of our secret specialities. Light, moist, and gluten free. Will melt in your mouth.
    Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • Honey bee cake

    Traditional Russian recipe that uses honey instead of sugar. Thin layers of pastry interlaced with our
    secret crème and prunes.

    Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • Honeymoon delight

    In Russia people queued for hours to buy this cake, while its recipe was kept a great secret.
    Until now, this cake was not available in Australia. Layers of special pastry interlaced with unique souffle, coated in soft chocolate ganache. Almost better than the honeymoon!

    Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • Japanese orange crepe cake

    Very popular in Japan. Crepes layered with cream and fresh oranges. Refreshing and light.
    Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • Kurasawa Zatou strawberry roll

    This is made from a unique Japanese recipe. A sponge so soft and light that you won’t be able to hold it in your hands.
    Combined with whipped cream and strawberries.

    Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • Lemon opera

    Everyone loves the chocolate opera cake. This variation has a gentle lemon taste and is glazed with dark French chocolate.
    Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • Mars bar cheesecake

    Rich cheesecake with the chunks of Mars bar and caramel. Only for special occasions!
    Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • New York, New York cheesecake

    Baked creamy cheesecake garnished with organic freeze dried flowers from Japan. Sophisticated and cosmopolitan!
    Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • Orange marmalade cake

    Ricotta baked cheesecake with orange marmalade garnished with fresh glazed oranges. This is a sophisticated flavour.
    Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • Orange poppy seed cake

    A delicious orange syrup cake with poppy seeds. Heavenly Flavour
    Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • Raspberry mousse gateau

    Soft sponge layered with raspberry mousse and covered with burned meringue. There is also a strawberry version.
    Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • Red Velvet Heart

    The cake oozes with love and passion. Made in the shape of a heart, its pastry is dark red. It is layered with cream cheese filling and fresh or frozen raspberries. Covered with chocolate ganache and chocolate shavings.
    Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • Red velvet raspberry cheesecake

    Red velvet cake made in the round shape. Dark red pastry layered with cheese filling and fresh or frozen raspberries. Covered with glazed chocolate, whipped cream and raspberries.
    Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • Russian forest cake

    Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • Smetannik Torte

    The Smetannik Torte is a beautiful and delicate Russian layer cake with just the right balance of tartness
    and sweetness. Adorable.
  • Birthday Cakes Sydney
  • Swiss roll

    Red velvet cake made in the traditional round shape. Dark red pastry layered with cheese filling and fresh or frozen raspberries. Covered with glazed chocolate, whipped cream and raspberries.
    Birthday Cakes Sydney

  • Pistachio magnifique

    Birthday Cake Sydney 

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