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Artful Pastry

Artful Pastry—outstanding cakes for all occasions

Artful Pastry creates outstanding wedding and birthday cakes as well as traditional cakes from Europe and South Africa. We cater for weddings, birthdays, all celebrations, and all personal and corporate events.

All our cakes are individually baked and decorated to our design or to a design supplied to us by our customers. Everything is created on our premises at Waterloo.

Our senior pastry chef, Yelena (Lena) Smetannikov, brings a unique knowledge of international patisserie and we can produce a range of speciality cakes from Russia, Eastern Europe, and South Africa. We do recommend you try Lena’s Napoleon Cake, which, unless you have travelled in Russia, you may have never seen before.

We deliver our cake and chocolate creations all over Sydney. Call us now for our specials!

Yelena Smetannikov—our senior pastry chef

Yelena (Lena), our senior pastry chef (pâtissière), is expert in international cake making and chocolate decoration. She was born in Russia and has lived in Latvia, Israel, South Africa before settling in Australia.

Lena’s first career was as a nurse but her dream was always to own her own patisserie business. Her two great passions are to create new flavour combinations and to create beautiful things with chocolate.

She first started working as a professional pastry chef in a bakery in Israel. Since she came to Australia she has undertaken further training to learn the special skills to follow her passion for perfection.

Lena studied at Savour in Melbourne and Kirsten Tibballs and Paul Kennedy are two of her most important mentors. But it is from Jerome Landrieu at the Chocolate Academy that she learnt her special skills making her wonderful chocolate show pieces and chocolate decorations.

Lena continues to pursue her passion for new flavours and ingredients. She recently visited the 26th National Confectionery Exposition in Hiroshima, which is held every four years. Lena was very excited to discover a whole range of hand-picked and freeze-dried, organic, edible flowers.

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